Former IT professional turned writer, I write about self-help, my travel experiences, and haiku. Founder of Self Help Nirvana:

Expatriate Brit — Entrepreneur, Writer, and Dog Lover

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Hi! My name is Mark Farrar, and welcome to my About Me page!

I’ll be talking a bit about my personal background and history, my interests, and, of course, my writing.


I was born in the United Kingdom, where I was an only child. (I was also an only grandchild and only nephew, which meant I was spoiled rotten.)

I went to a small, local, private day school until I was seven, and then attended one of the country’s less well-known boarding schools, about 25 miles away from home, which I…

And Why I Think You Should Never Stop Learning

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A few days ago one of my Facebook friends posted the following:

Our third theme for 2021 is growth, in all its many flavours

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This Month Our Theme is GROWTH

If I were to ask you what first springs to mind when you hear that word, it’s likely you will come up with a different interpretation to mine.

And that’s because there are many different types of growth.

Sometimes growth is forced upon us, and sometimes it’s of our own choosing. It’s usually best if we decide for ourselves in which direction to grow, but as children, we have little say in the matter.

Sometimes the growth is literal and physical, while at others it’s more metaphorical and internal.

Sometimes growth can seem counter-intuitive too. For example, couples who downsize…

And How I Should Have Handled It

Image by Evandro evandrovedovate from Pixabay

I recently saw the following posted on Facebook:

“Some years back my wife and I got into the habit of asking each other ‘do you want comfort or solutions’ when the other was having a bad time. That one sentence can save us from an argument 9/10 times.

And it brought to mind an argument my first wife and I had many years ago.

I had bought her a pashmina scarf as a present — birthday or Christmas, I can’t remember which — and she loved it.

We went out to dinner shortly afterwards, and she wore it, as you…

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